As you go through your day, may God go with you. May He go before you to show you the way; may He go behind you to encourage you; beside you to befriend you; above you to watch over you; and within you to give you peace.

30 December 2009

Season's Greetings

I started passing the prayer note card mentioned and pictured in my previous post...

The first card was slipped into a Minot High Basketball Program with the help of an elderly gentleman from the local Kiwanis Club.  My mom needed a "date" to the girls and boys varsity games on December 17th so I gladly accompanied her and relived my glory days.  I used to play basketball way back when the girls basketball season in North Dakota was in the fall.  (How am I getting this old and yet am still so young?  That's for another day...)

I spent Christmas in the Twin Cities where I had the opportunity to briefly visit a couple of dear friends and spend quality time with family, as well as hit the slopes!  And by "hit the slopes" I mean go snow tubing because I am not skilled on anything that rolls or slides under my feet.  Nope, it's best that I sit down on a plush tube and hang on.  I'm good at hanging on.

Anywho...  My dad and I took one of my best friends (let's call her Beth because well...she is Beth) to the airport early Christmas Eve morning.  It was a good thing we did too because a winter storm hit and I don't think she would have made it in her lil' Subaru Impreza.  Then again, she was rather determined to make it home so who knows!  I kindly asked her to tuck the note card into the seat pocket in front of her on the airplane.  Hopefully it didn't distract any passengers during the safety presentations the flight attendants give every flight!  (That is seriously my favorite thing about flying!  I mean when they tighten the elastic cord on the oxygen mask and also unbuckle the seat belt...  It cracks me up every single time.)

The third card was bookmarked into the Bible located in the "pocket" of the pew I sat in during the 4:00 p.m. Christmas Eve service at St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church in Plymouth, Minnesota.  It was a nice service and NBA basketball coach Flip Saunders sat a few rows behind my family and me, so that added a bit of spice that my hometown church can't compete with.  Ha ha.  Only kidding First Lutheran!  You know I love you.

Well then, I hope your Christmas was merry and that you spent it with loved ones.  I am so very grateful that I was able to!  I was also extremely grateful that I was well protected from the massive amounts of snow that piled up in the Twin Cities and in my hometown.  I'd like to thank my brother and sister-in-law for the Slanket that kept me (and keeps me) oh so warm!

Cheers to the New Year!

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